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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)


ATS-V series automatic loading transfer panel is the stard configure of emergent power system. The panel detects the voltage frequency of civil electricity timely. While there is something wrong, such as high voltage, low voltage, phase missing, electricity cutting off, etc., it will signal to start the generat automatically; then the generat starts as soon as receving the signal; ATS-V panel controls the switch to run the power when the generateing of electricity is balanced; after the civil electricity resumes balanced, ATS-V panel will control the switch from generating electricity to civil electricity after prolonged confirmation, resumes the civil electricity; simultaneity, it controls the generat to shut down after cooled. To--fro, makes the automatic double-circuit system comes to be true.

The key technique of ATS-V panel is how to achieve the detection of the civil electricity's state (the control gauge), how to control the switch from the generating electricity to civil electricity (the witch). BAIFA ATS-V panel has advantages as follows:


The switch of civil electricity & generating electricity: Adopts W & WN series switch of VITZRO-TECH, which is made in Kea. VIZRO-TECH is one juni company of VITZRO, the dominant br in Kea, which is specialized in producing high & low voltage switch, control protect system. It has 19 sts, 78 series me than 330 kinds of products, which own advantage of advanced technology, steady capability, reasonable structure exquisite appearance. VITZRO's products are expted to China, Southeast Asia, America other me than 20 countries regions. The sale amount of VITZRO is about 2 hundred million Euros per year. In 2002, Kean VITZRO-TECH (CHN) Ltd. was established in Wuxi High-Tech Industrial Dev.Zone.

2. The control gauge adopts Intelligent HAT220 2-batteries with automatic switch as its main controller, this control panel provide friendly interface to the user, own functions of automatic switch manual control, making it convenient f operating ting of parameter.
The controller surveils the voltage frequency of the 2-circuit, 3-phase power timely (alarm scope can be ted), owns several kinds of prolonged function (prolonged time is adjustable); has function as signal output of diesel machine starting, can control the starting prolonging of diesel machine timely, fault return time of civil electricity; also it has option of "No preference", "Prime power prefered", "Stby power prefered" so on.




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