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Epower Series 10 to 200KVA Product Groups


Power Range: 10KVA ~ 200KVA
Wk: three-three lab-frequency double-conversion online
Epower Series UPS f large medium-sized data centers, critical load to provide stable power reliable power protection to meet the high reliability requirements of the users of high-power UPS. The application of double conversion online IGBT technology dual built-in microprocess, to ensure a stable, pure sine wave output, available to the user safe reliable power protection.


■ Advanced Operating Mode

· Double-conversion online design, the UPS output frequency tracking, phase-locked regulat, filter out noise from power fluctuations

Interfere with pure sine wave power, to provide me comprehensive protection f the load.

· Output zero transfer time to meet the sophisticated equipment on the high stards of the power supply requirements.

· With input filter input power fact of 1.0, to improve energy efficiency, which greatly eliminate the UPS to the mains grid

Harmonic pollution reduce the cost of UPS operation.

■ DSP digital control

Use of digital control, the perfmance index is excellent, to avoid the risk of failure can be brought Analog Devices, the control system me

Stable reliable.

■ High output power fact

· Output power fact 0.9 (lag), has a higher actual load capacity, saving the user investment.

■ environmental adaptability

· UPS AC input voltage range (380Va / 400Vac/415Vac) ± 25%, thereby reducing the use frequency of the battery,

Greatly extend battery life.

· UPS's wide input frequency range from 45Hz to 70Hz, ensuring access to a variety of fuel-powered generats can be stable.

■ Battery optimize perfmance high

· Intelligent battery management technology, thereby extending battery life reduce the number of battery maintenance.

Advanced float automatically converted charging technology, maximum activation of the battery, charging time savings, extend battery life


· Battery discharge time prediction; UPS battery discharge, the system detects the battery discharge current changes, depending on the battery smart pipe

Reasonable to predict that this battery discharge duration, prompts the customer to make the appropriate measures.

Can the battery self-test on a regular basis to detect problems with a battery, accding to different time period (monthly weekly)

Set the self-test start time duration of the self-test.

* Wide battery voltage 320-490Vdc Number of batteries can be flexibly configured.

■ N + X parallel redundancy

· N + X parallel redundant design, the user can be configured accding to the degree of imptance of the load a different degree of redundancy.

· Convenient machine, as long as the connection modem cable the UPS cresponding tings can be achieved machine, the system can be up to 6 UPS

And machine.

· Non-fixed master-slave relationship machine: several parallel UPS, one of the first boot-based (Master) UPS from (Slave) UPS, the Ld from the UPS can be used interchangeably, if a UPS inverter failure, the UPS automatically cut off the output load from the rest of the UPS to provide power.

■ strong overload capacity

· 110% / 125% / 150% overload f 60 minutes / 10 minutes / 1 minute.

■ strong shock resistance

· Fully applicable to machine tools, wire cutting machines other industrial applications.

■ compatible with the generat running

Specially designed Power walk in function, reduced system startup inrush current can be reduced the computer system generating capacity.

■ LBS synchronization function

· Have the LBS synchronization, suppt f two independent power input, improve the reliability of the system.

■ comprehensive reliable protection

· Self-diagnosis function on the boot to discover the hidden fault of UPS take preventive measures.

· Set AC input voltage protection, output overload, sht circuit protection, overcurrent protection, bus overvoltage protection,

Overheat protection, fan failure protection, auxiliary power fault protection, low battery voltage warning protection battery overcharge protection protection in one multi-function, ensure the stability reliability of the operation of the system.

· Bypass function, output overload UPS failure, without interruption to bypass the state to continue to mains power the load, alarm infmation.

■ EPO function

· LCD display panel embedded EPO EPO button is pressed an emergency shutdown button in case of emergency. The EPO button retraction design, a transparent cover to cover, to avoid misuse.

■ Netwk management of human

· / Text large-screen LCD display panel to accurately display the wking status of the UPS data to the user.

· RS232/RS485 interface with smart UPS moniting software can communicate with the computer, UPS various parameters

Glance display on the communication interface.

· External SNMP adapter (optional), UPS with remote netwk management capabilities, providing real-time UPS data power

Communication management infmation through a variety of netwk management system




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