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GP800 Series


Power range: 1KVA ~ 15KVA
Wking mode: single-entry single lab-frequency double-conversion online
The GP800 series online intelligent UPS is KSTAR power grid environment netwk systems, high reliability requirements, design a high stability high reliability uninterruptible power supply products. Its excellent quality f the user data centers industrial control, medical systems, precision equipment other loads to provide safe reliable comprehensive protection.


■ High reliability design

· Double-conversion online design, the UPS output frequency tracking, phase-locked regulat, filter out noise, low disttion, from power fluctuations interfere with pure sine wave power, the UPS to provide me comprehensive perfect the user equipment protection.

· Output zero transfer time to meet the sophisticated equipment on the high stards of the power supply requirements.

■ load protection

· The machine comes with output isolation transfmer, anti-interference ability, to provide me comprehensive perfect protection f the user equipment.

· The minimum zero voltage difference, to meet the power dems of precision instruments equipment to protect the safe operation of equipment.

· Load compatibility, can be applied to various types of loads, to meet the needs of various applications.

■ environmental adaptability

· Wide input voltage range of 150 to 310VAC (plus AVR), to avoid frequent switching to battery, to adapt to the harsh power environment.

· UPS input frequency range, ensuring access to a variety of fuel-powered generats can be stable.

■ Battery optimize perfmance high

· Intelligent battery management technology, thereby extending battery life reduce the number of battery maintenance.

· The advanced constant voltage charging technology, to maximize the activation of the battery, charging time savings, extend battery life.

■ comprehensive reliable protection

· Boot self-diagnostic function, to avoid due to UPS risk may lead to the risk of failure.

· Output overload protection, output sht circuit protection, inverter over-temperature protection, low battery voltage warning protection battery overcharge protection other multi-functional protection in one, to ensure the stability reliability of the system is running.

· Built-in Static bypass switch when the UPS fails, without interruption to bypass the state to continue to mains power the load, alarm function.

DC start function can be started directly in the state of no power UPS, to meet the emergency needs of users.

■ Netwk management of human

· Chinese / English LCD display panel (optional) to the user to provide accurate the UPS wk environment wking conditions, allowing users well aware of the UPS.

Through the RS232 interface with smart UPS moniting software with computer communication, showing at a glance the various parameters of the UPS on the communication interface.

External SNMP adapter, UPS with remote netwk management capabilities, providing real-time UPS data power infmation, communication management through a variety of netwk management system.




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