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20ft Container generator sets


Baifa containerized & soundproof diesel gen:

1. Adopt 20’ft container f gen up to 1250kVA 40’ft container f gen up from 1250kVA.
2. Container with CSC certificate which is confmed to international safety agreement of container. The complete containerized gen can be shipped directly f sea transptation which saves freight cost.
3. The crossbeam of container is made of square steel tube (different from common container) to enhance mechanical strength of container endure higher shock of impulsive-load from gen.
4. All the hinges, locks screws are stainless steel. Anti wave rainproof accessies are fixed inside of the container.
5. Side dos are fixed in both sides of container f easy maintenance inspection. And one ladder is installed in one side.
6. Container can be opened from both front back which is easy f daily maintenance inspection of alternat engine radiat. The open gen also can be easily removed from front back side f overhaul.
7. Two flameproof lights are fixed inside of container, one in control panel f easy maintenance inspection.
8. Leak fluid collection system f engine is designed at the bottom of container to avoid the environment pollution.
9. Control panel switch cabinet are installed on the same side of the container f easy operating wires connecting.
10. PMG (Permanent Magnet Generat) is fixed as stard which improves the starting capability boosts anti interference of harmonics disttion of alternat.
11. Fuel tank, pipes, oil drain muffler with special design are well appreciated by customers.
12. High perfmance soundproof materials are installed inside of container which are flameproof, durable especially efficient in noise reduction.

Optional parts: Automatic fuel filling pump ( control valve), coolant filling pump, double fuel & water separat, auto synchronizing control system, etc.


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