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Deutz Series


BF-D series diesel generating s, power coverage from 22KW to 120KW, adopt DEUTZ 226B series low power diesel engine made by Sino-Germany Joint-venture Company in China. German DEUTZ Engine Company is a wld famous engine manufacturer, with the technical improving, 226B series have been used tested thouss of times in various mechanical marine fields. German DEUTZ Engine Company has transfered all the facilities, technologies, management system to Shong Weifang Diesel Engine Company, which is a Sino-Germany Joint-Venture Company with a capacity of manufacturing 226B series engine over 25,000 units per year.
BF-D series diesel generating s assembled by BAIFA POWER have the features as follows:
· The holistic s can be installed conveniently as your need (Absbers, fuel tank in base, muffle internal starting battery are fixed as stard)  
· With all characters of German Engine: advanced technology, high reliability, long time service, low vibration, low noise (less than 85 db at 7 m ), small measurement light weight.
· The best price perfmance ratio, low running cost
· Perfect control system is available to easy operation, comprehensive functions, reliable protection so on.


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