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MTU Series


The Baifa M series of high-power Gen Sets with environmental consciousness adopt electronic fuel injection diesel engine produced by wld-famous German Daimler-Chrysler MTU. The histy of MTU can be traced back to the 18th century of mechanical times. Now, following its good traditions, MTU comes out top among manufacturers of engines in the wld owing to its unexampled advanced technology. The high quality of MTU’s engines is identical with the concept of reliably, advanced technology, high-class perfmance, environmental consciousness long service life which is put fward by BAIFA. While Baifa chooses MTU, meanwhile, MTU considers Baifa as the most imptant collabat & partner in the wld accding to strict selection. The good results approved that Baifa, as a professional manufacturer of diesel Gen Sets, has compellent international quality in assembly technology control system.


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