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1.5S service concept:
①Profession::professional stards, professional-quality, professional guaranteed.
②Quickly:complete failure received a failure notification within 60 minutes of the initial analysis telephone guidance troubleshooting,When the telephone guidance troubleshooting to no avail, 100km the scope of the three-hour, 100-400km range within 8 hours, me than 400km 12-24 hours to arrive at the scene start wking on site. 

SincereComprehensive services include consulting, design, commissioning, spare parts, maintenance other services.

SmileCdial expression of caring, thoughtful transfer concern
SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction is the sole criterion f evaluation of the quality of our wk.

2.Sales service suppt
BaiFa As VOLVO, Mercedes-Benz MTU, SCANIA, PERKINS, CUMMINS, DAEWOO DOOSAN DEUTZ engine with Stamfd, MECC ALTE generat s manufacturers in China, the most imptant OEM one, BaiFa br units are entitled to me than the wld-famous br engine power generationmachine manufacturer's Warranty Service. "Customers to enjoy multiple protection specific service system

A:The first service agencies:Tianjin BaiFa power, Co., Ltd.
B:The second service agenciesManufacturer Wuxi BaiFa power, Co., Ltd. Headquarters Technical Service Center
C:The third service agenciesVOLVO, MTU, SCANIA, PERKINS, CUMMINS, DOOSAN, DEUTZ engine manufacturers Stamfd, MECC ALTE generat manufacturers wldwide headquarters technical services center in the local service agencies. (Only OEM manufacturers f which the prime mover manufacturers direct services, the prime mover manufacturers do not provide warranty service f non-OEM units.)


3.Services provided free of charge
Free technical advice, selection, room design
Waste heat utilization design guidance
Initiative to assist the user to perfm maintenance
Electrical design installation guidance
Facty perfmance testing
To training 3-5 qualified operatives room design technical guidance at the user site
Befe leaving the facty technical training
The room environmental design guidance
Product use, improve, upgrade technical advice
Routine annual customer visits inspection

4.Training programs
In der to me effective training, we have developed a comprehensive user training program (to take a combination of they practical operation, easy to underst, quick). Can you send someone to the user on-site training, site operats trained independently to complete the operation routine maintenance. Dem-side operating personnel can also be arranged to participate in our ganized training teaching materials. The dem side can be arranged operat to the Wuxi plant f training.

1.On-site training include the following
1)Basic understing of the various parts of the unit
2)F nmal operation of the unit to explain
3)Routine maintenance on the unit to explain
4)Explain basic unit may arise problems solutions

2.The Wuxi facty training include the following to the headquarters of the company
1)Detailed introduction to the user unit model
2)User unit model explain in detail the various systems
3)The nmal operation of the unit related drawings to explain
4)Routine maintenance relatively advanced maintenance training
5)The unit possible failure analysis to explain solutions
6)A site visit to underst the company's production technology production processes
7)F field practice opptunities to the user f the site, in der to better digestion me




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