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      Tianjin Baifa Power  Co., Ltd. was established in April 2006 to focus on, "BAIFA" br diesel generat s in Tianjin surrounding areas of marketing, sales service partners throughout the military, government procurement, road traffic, oil fieldmining, Bank Securities, hospitals, hotels, real estate, industrial mining enterprises other imptant areas, withstood the harsh test of the high-altitude environment, the use of high-strength. Room, selection f the user, accding to the load dem to buy special configuration on-site installation commissioning, the engine room wks, to accept user commissioned on behalf of Victia maintenance other services, won the praise of users.
      Tianjin Baifa Power  Co., Ltd. has an experienced, skilled maintenance service team. A 24-hour service hotline, ready to solve your problems.       

Group headquarters production base

1.Wuxi Baifa Power  Co., Ltd.

      Baifa, located in Wuxi National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, which is the flourishing area of the wld manufacturing, owns one of the largest manufacturing bases of diesel generating in Asia, even in globe, covering an area of 50,000 sq.m, with a 12.000 sq.m.assembly wkshop.Over the past ten years, Baifa devoted itself to researching, manufacturing, installing of superb diesel Generat Set,range from 8kW to 4000KW, Baifa generats cover varied types f general special users, including soundproof type, containerized type,mobile type,intelligent type,high voltage generats etc, owns A number of national patents.

With the compellent quality service,Baifa has built a good reputation with customers in the area of generat s,our products are expted to over eighty countries regions,over 20 million dollars in 2008.
Baifa has steady long-term cooperation with wld leading companies, such as VOLVO PENTA, MTU(member of Germany Daimler-Benz group) etc in the area of generating s.

Baifa attach imptance to environment protection persistently, also is one of the few companies to strictly follow ISO14001 Environmental Management System in diesel generats manufacturing industry. Nowadays, with great enthusiasm persistence effts, all Baifa members are wking toward the goal of being one leading enterprise in the international lines.

2.Baifa Power (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

R&D center office building

                                                                                         Facty Overlook


       After celebration of  2013 Chinese Snake New Year festival, premises of Baifa Power (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (Sino-Hong Kong) is under construction in Wuxi Xishan National Economic Technological Dev. Zone. Main invest of which is Wuxi Baifa Power Ltd, a leading enterprise of generating s.
       Baifa Power (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. was established in September, 2012, registered capital reaches 30 million US dollars, mainly engaged in R & D, production sales of diesel, gas, dual fuel generating s, UPS system mobile light tower. Covering area  of 66,600 m2, construction area of 40,000m2, about 34,000m2 used f production wkshop,  6,000 m2 f R&D office building.  Total construction period is approximately one year, it will become one of the largest modern production base of Generating s in China even all over the wld.




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