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Love to Compatriots from Earthquake Disaster Area in Sichuan Province Auth:Admin Date:2008-5-21



A strong earthquake measured a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale struck Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province on May 12th, which brought a big loss to local people's lives properties.

This disaster touches the broad masses of Baifa people's heartstrings. The President Mr. Zhang Chaodan immediately arranged our company to donated total 100,000 to disaster area through Wuxi Red Cross.

Befe the company ganized donation, the staffs enquired Admin Dept. about its procedure. Then the Admin Dept. arranged voluntary donation at once. The staffs were enthusiastic contribution even someone out f business called colleagues to donate on their behalf. The donation is still carrying on presently. The staffs make an efft to contribute our suppt warmth to the suffered people in the disaster area.






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