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BAIFA starts cooperation with SCANIA Sweden focued on Chinese generator market

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At the beginning of 2011, BAIFA starts cooperation with the wld-famous international company---SCANIA, foucused on Chinese generat market with new SC series middle power generating s. SCANIA is praised as Swedish royal power, which is famous f economical fuel consumption, durability reliability.

SCANIA has the histy f manufacturing engines of me than one century, with production of one millions engines. Please check the related introudction of SCANIA as follows:

BAIFA SC series generating covers the power range from 250kVA~600kVA, besides economical fuel consumption, durability reliability, they also have other
advantages as follow:

1. Module designed system, the accessies of all series can be changed with high flexible;

2. Low operation cost (changing hour of first running oil reaches 400 hours, which is only 250 hours f most of other engines)

3. Highly reliability, the engine is with two years warranty without running hour limitation.






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