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Premises of Baifa Power (Wuxi) Co., Ltd under construction Auth:ca Date:2013-2-28


    After celebration of 2013 Chinese Snake New Year festival, premises of Baifa Power (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (Sino-Hong Kong) is under construction in Wuxi Xishan National Economic Technological Dev. Zone. Main invest of which is Wuxi Baifa Power Ltd, a leading enterprise of generating s.
Baifa Power (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. was established in September, 2012, registered capital reaches 30 million US dollars, mainly engaged in R & D, production sales of diesel, gas, dual fuel generating s, UPS system mobile light tower. Covering area of 66,600 m2, construction area of 40,000m2, about 34,000m2 used f production wkshop, 6,000 m2 f R&D office building. Total construction period is approximately one year, it will become one of the largest modern production base of Generating s in China even all over the wld.


 R&D center office building

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